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Keyword Elite - Complete Online Review

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"Brad, Keyword Elite is enabling me to do in minutes what used to take hours. The enhancements made have been responsive and of great value. Keep up the good work. I recommend it to all I find out who are working with PPC."

Keyword Elite


Keyword Elite is one of the keyword tools that is being highly recommended and pushed all across the internet. We were very pleased to see that this keyword tool has an easy to use interface and we have not had many problems with this just yet. Keyword Elite also offers many different options or “Project Types” that you can run.

There are several good things about this keyword tool. We like the way that the keyword tool automatically assigns a keyword to a particular group, so when you are done researching keywords you already have your keywords grouped together, but sometimes you will have 20 or so groups with less than 10 keywords in each group. Both the keyword researcher and analyzer work very well and we were satisfied with the results.

Keyword Elite does have a limit of 10,000 keywords per search, but this is more than adequate for even the biggest key

Keyword Elite - Pro's

Finds keywords related to one keyword phrase instead of a large list of keywords
Updated frequently to stay on top of the market
Very user friendly
Very stable, even when editing thousands of keywords at once
60 Day Money-Back Guarantee

Keyword Elite - Con's

Is a little expensive for the average keyword researcher

Keyword Elite - Features

Create massive targeted keyword lists and filter out the keywords you don't want
Save your keywords in mid-research and continue the research on another day
Allows you to find what keywords your competitors are using
Analyze and research your competition's keywords

Quick Overview

Price - $176.00 USD
Overall Quality

Bottom Line

Overall Keyword Elite is a very good top-notch keyword research tool that will not let you down when it comes to anything dealing with keywords. The only draw back is the price, but other than that this tool is great.

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