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DVD Squeeze - Complete Online Review

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DVD Squeeze


DVD Squeeze has been around longer than most of the DVD copying programs currently on the market. DVD Squeeze is very easy to install and is just as easy to use without even having to read the instructions. It does as it says and copies your DVD movies to a blank CD with very little quality loss.

DVD Squeeze - Pro's

Easy to use
Uses compression technology so movies can fit onto one blank CD
100% satisfaction guaranteed

DVD Squeeze - Con's

Only burns DVD movies to a blank CD
The website is a bit unlcear and overwhelming
Doesn't burn the copies to the blank CD very well (sometimes you need to use the burning program tha

DVD Squeeze - Features

Copy DVD movies to blank CD
Play copies in any computer or DVD player

Quick Overview

Price - $29.95 USD
Overall Quality

Bottom Line

Even though this program copies DVD movies very easily, it doesn't copy DVDs to blank DVD discs. Currently most new computers come with DVD burners so most people would prefer burning DVDs to blank DVDs, although if you're not one of those people then this is the product for you.

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Purchased Product:   Yes 2012-02-20
once i hit 720p it stays black and donnset go into next menu i tryed buringing the cd many times and re formattign and installing all i see is black screen

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