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World of Warcraft Cash Creating Guide - Complete Online Review

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"First of all, let me say that your wow guide is wonderful. I had many reservations about spending the 20 bucks at first, afraid that it wouldn't contain any new info for me - but it certainly did! Nice work. :)"

World of Warcraft Cash Creating Guide


Luke Brown, the creator of World of Warcraft Cash Creating Guide, has really completed top notch work with his gold guide. The WoW Cash Guide features 142 pages loaded with gold tips that the elite and rich players use in Warcraft. Luke has been keeping a close eye on gold farmers for years now and the secrets have come unveiled for you to make TONS of money.

The e-book features 100+ different ways to obtain legal gold and provides great instructions, links (Allakhazam), and maps for several of his methods.

World of Warcraft Cash Creating Guide - Pro's

Works with both Horde and Alliance
Free Updates
Gold mailing letter
100% Satisfaction Guaranteed
60 Day Money-Back Guarantee

World of Warcraft Cash Creating Guide - Con's

Full of strategies, but ideas are somewhat scattered throughout the guide

World of Warcraft Cash Creating Guide - Features

Thorough and detailed, helps beginners and veterans alike
Full of information on legal ways to make some serious gold
Over 100 different ways to make gold
Maps to help locate various hard to reach spots
Additional Auction House, Fishing, and Grinding Guide

Quick Overview

Price - $37.00 USD
Overall Quality

Bottom Line

As of right now, the World of Warcraft Cash Creating Guide is the best guide available on the market. With Luke’s strategies you are guaranteed to start making major gold right from the get go.

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Purchased Product:   Yes 2012-02-20
I eeynjod the video, as it contains useful information. I was simply making a correction on the creators pronunciation of the word glyph so that he can create better video content in the future. GOOD DAY!

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