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Ultimate World of Warcraft Guide - Complete Online Review

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"Thanks to your updated exploit list I managed to get my ZG epic necklace, before it was nerfed by blizzard. well worth the money :)"

Ultimate World of Warcraft Guide


The Ultimate World of WarCraft Guide is a guide that covers several aspects in Warcraft from a veteran’s standpoint. World of Warcraft Mastery is a guide generalized towards the beginning / intermediate crowd while this guide appeals to those who want to take their Warcraft experience to the max.

The Ultimate Guide goes in several directions that other guides don’t cover such as: How to gain important faction, profession power leveling, instance guides with loot tables, a quick way to get your level 40 mount, and several game secrets that can’t be revealed through this review. Additionally the Ultimate Guide features a leveling guide for 60-80 Horde and Alliance and a 1-80 Horde Leveling guide – a 1-80 Alliance guide is underway. On top of it all the guide shows you how to generate fast gold with efficient working methods – this guide has it all!

Ultimate World of Warcraft Guide - Pro's

Includes loads of guides and information that will help any genre of player – especially the advanced
Comes with an audio E-Book of over 115 minutes
Includes both leveling guides and money making guides
No monthly fee – one time payment
Satisfaction Guaranteed

Ultimate World of Warcraft Guide - Con's

Includes a few ‘hacks’ (You can’t get banned buying the guide)
Like other ‘do it all guides’ doesn’t specialize in one aspect of the game

Ultimate World of Warcraft Guide - Features

Gold Making Guide
Reputation Guide
Instance Guides and Loot Tables
Power leveling Profession Guides
Free Updates

Quick Overview

Price - $47.00 USD
Overall Quality

Bottom Line

The Ultimate World of WarCraft Guide is a great guide for those players that are well along in Warcraft and want to increase t heir gold, reputation, or skill. The guide is also catered towards beginning players and offers invaluable tips and great leveling guides. The Ultimate World of WarCraft Guide is, in my opinion, the best ‘all around’ guide available on the market – what are you waiting for?

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Purchased Product:   No 2012-02-28
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Purchased Product:   Yes 2012-02-19
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Purchased Product:   Yes 2012-02-18
Thanks for this post. I dfliniteey agree with what you are saying. I have been talking about this subject a lot lately with my mother so hopefully this will get him to see my point of view. Fingers crossed!

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