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HypnoDate - Complete Online Review

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“Guys, Thanks a million for releasing “Hypno-Date” in an easy to follow book form. I’m one of those guys who’s a little bit over weight, well… o.k. I’m Fat. My hair is certainly not what it once was. Basically my confidence with chicks was in the toilet. Now I’m dating babes that all my friends just can’t believe, because they are so far above and out of my league, they just can’t fathom what has suddenly changed. I LOVE IT! Thanks “Hypno-Date,” life has never been more fun!"



The title of the product, HypnoDate, can be very misleading – in a good way. This product has nothing to do with ‘Hypnotizing’ a woman to do your will or to magically sleep with you on the first date; rather this guide has everything to do with CONFIDENCE. HypnoDate is a product that will help men transform their mind that might be full or a low self-esteem and doubt to a mind full of confidence! This guide also contains several dating tips – many of which are very useful and go hand in hand with the confidence building of your mind and ego.

HypnoDate - Pro's

Includes working information that has been proven to work – this isn’t a scam or fake hypnosis as the guide name might imply
Focuses several different aspects of dating rather than just one ‘set in stone’ method.
60 Day Money-Back Guarantee

HypnoDate - Con's

Deals primarily with building a mans own confidence and not enough on how to become seductive and appealing to women

HypnoDate - Features

Working information that will increase your confidence with women
Numerous dating tips to go hand in hand with your newfound confidence
Over 100 pages

Quick Overview

Price - $49.97 USD
Overall Quality

Bottom Line

HypnoDate is a product for those with a low self-confidence and or self-esteem. If you’re looking for dating tips or how to snag a woman from the bar on any given weekend, this is not the guide for you. I do however recommend this guide for those men missing the key element of attracting women - confidence

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Purchased Product:   Yes 2008-09-18
dont waste your money , this book is full of mumbo-jumbo, and only about 5% of it is actual advice/stuff to do, the rest is boring story telling, trust me its a waste of time and money

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