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How to Break 80 - Complete Online Review

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" Thank so much for the book. It has been by far the best money I've ever spent on golf. My handicap has dropped from a 10.5 to a 8.1 in only a month from all the great tips. I've recommended your e-book to all my golfing friends."

How to Break 80


Jack Moorehouse, the author of How to Break 80, is just like most of here – an average Joe golfer who likes to get out and golf when he’s not working. You might be asking ‘why would I buy a guide from this guy, and not a pro?’ I’ll tell you why – Jack has simplified everything about the technique of a great shot down to a step-by-step guide that even a new comer, like myself, can learn (and did learn). Jack’s guide breaks down the bare fundamentals and teaches you how to play your best golf ever and lower your handicap in just days.

How to Break 80 - Pro's

A step-by-step guide – this is huge for beginners and novices alike
E-book contains a comprehensive guide on every aspect of golf
Six additional bonuses
Unlimited Updates
56 Day Money-Back Guarantee

How to Break 80 - Con's


How to Break 80 - Features

A new spin on the fundamentals that can help anyone
Four techniques that promise success and a lower golf handicap
Mastering your short game, chip shot, and numerous other shots you will encounter on the course
Practice techniques
Professional pre-shot routines – Ever wonder what goes through a professionals head before they drive or why they do ‘that particular habit’ before each shot?

Quick Overview

Price - $49.00 USD
Overall Quality

Bottom Line

How to Break 80 will give you everything you need to know plus more to help you increase your golf game. This guide is guaranteed to work and will definitely help you!

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Purchased Product:   Yes 2012-02-19
This sonuds great and I plan to make it for Thanksgiving. Just wondering if you pour the custard into the pie shell on the peanut butter/sugar mixture while it is still hot?
Purchased Product:   Yes 2010-09-06
This product is unbelievable!
James Austin
Purchased Product:   Yes 2009-10-29
I couldn't believe how well this coarse worked for me. Cheers James

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