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How to Become An Alpha Male - Complete Online Review

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"The things contained with your guide, I feel, are going to change my life... All of a suddenwomen are looking me dead in my face with this "longing look" and thensmiling.…”

How to Become An Alpha Male


After years of psychological research John Alexander, the write of Alpha Male, has compiled numerous resources to create a guide that can turn any male into the man every woman desires – the Alpha Male. For those of you who don’t know, and Alpha Male is characterized as the dominate male, and in our culture maybe even the ‘bad ass’; say goodbye to the pushover ‘nice guy’ technique because everyone knows the nice guy always ends up becoming only a friend of the striking blonde.

Become an Alpha Male brings to the table several strategies and proven methods that will help you show what woman want and desire – and also help transform you into the man women go crazy for. This guide is full of nooks and crannies: 9 silent methods that drive women crazy, the mental ‘hot button’ for women, secret and subtle changes you can make to your appearance, and many more ‘underground’ ways

How to Become An Alpha Male - Pro's

Great customer support
These methods have been proven and testified by countless men
Twelve free and confidential private one-on-one consultations via email
Five additional reviews on dating, relationships, and other areas of interest
60 Day Money-Back Guarantee

How to Become An Alpha Male - Con's

Some of these methods may not be suitable for everyone – i.e. the ‘Nice Guy’

How to Become An Alpha Male - Features

The physiological aspect of becoming what women want – the Alpha Male
Techniques to transform your manor, personality, demeanor, and appearance so that women practically flock to you
Great first date ideas that get the girls coming back for more
Behaviors to avoid rejection
How to compliment women in a way that will have them hot for you

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Become the Alpha Male is a guide for everyone who ever dreamed of being the Fonz (Happy Days). John’s manual has over 100 pages of information containing several researched methods that can work for anyone, if they put the method to practice. This guide is one of the most information abundant guides I’ve read and reviewed and I highly recommend anyone looking to score to pick up this guide.

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Purchased Product:   No 2012-02-17
You have got to read this airlcte, "Masculinity as Homophobia" by Michael Kimmel. It talks about how the definition of masculinty forces men to be afraid of other men. In this airlcte he argues that homophobia (which he is not defining as fear of gay men) the fear of being less than the manliest man (the alpha male) is what drives most of the discrimination that men engage in especially wealthy White men. You can probably find it if you google it. I have my students read it in my race, class,

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