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Google Cash - Complete Online Review

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"Oh, and thanks for writing Google Cash in the first place (understatement)!! I am on pace to pull in over $18K in profits this month, with a 250% overall ROI!!"

Google Cash


Google Cash is probably one of the most well known guides for Google AdWords. Google Cash is full of information for affiliates advertising on AdWords and offers instructions, screen shots, and video tutorials to help aid advertisers with their Google AdWords accounts.

Most of the information within Google Cash was very accurate, but it doesn’t get too advanced which can be good if you’re not looking to get too over your head.

Google Cash is over 200 pages in length and covers a great detail of information such as signing up with Affiliate Networks, creating keyword lists, writing text ads, examples of what to do, etc. It even includes up to date internet advertising techniques and strategies which can help those of you who are new to making money online.

Google Cash - Pro's

Contains up to date advertising strategies
Is the most well know guide on Google AdWords
Contains many tips, strategies, and examples
Uses video tutorials to speed up the learning process
100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

Google Cash - Con's

Some of the pictures are out of date (Show dates from 2003)
It includes new advertising strategies, but it also includes strategies using features that aren't a
There's no clear chapters or sections
Recommends you purchase additional material such as software, other AdWords guides, and membership s

Google Cash - Features

Video tutorials
Contains tons of strategies
Real life examples
Offers audio transcripts

Quick Overview

Price - $67.00 USD
Overall Quality

Bottom Line

Overall Google Cash is perfect for those of you who are looking to get involved with internet marketing, but if you're an already experienced Google AdWords advertiser then you may not find a lot of new information in Google Cash.

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