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G Money Pro - Complete Online Review

Average Customer Rating
4.6/5     35 Votes
"I've already read your book 3 times and implemented your system for the first time (took me about 2 hours to set up), but I had my first sale after only 5 hours! I made a $37 sale and only spent $3.82! Thank You!"

G Money Pro


Google Money Pro was introduced in early 2006 and since then it has been one of our top picks for making money on Google AdWords. Google Money Pro (GMP) has been updated multiple times since then and in early 2007 it was upgraded to Google Money Pro 2, which means it now has video tutorials as well as access to the Google Money Pro forums where all the customers can share their experiences online.

Google Money Pro has it all, itís not the prettiest guide around but it certainly offers the information you need if youíre a beginner, intermediate, or expert internet marketer.

Our favorite features with Google Money Pro were itís ease of reading, tons of video tutorials, and awesome support from the author himself.

G Money Pro - Pro's

Notifies customers of updates so they never get behind
Completely covers every topic with advertising on Google
Outstanding customer support
The ability to chat with all the Google Money Pro customers
100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

G Money Pro - Con's

You have to read Google Money Pro from start to finish to get the full benefits. If you skip over sections you can find yourself lost.

G Money Pro - Features

Step by Step instructions
Illustrated examples
Very easy to read
Video tutorials
Excellent customer support

Quick Overview

Price - $97.00 USD
Overall Quality

Bottom Line

We highly recommend everyone interested in using Google AdWords get Google Money Pro. It doesn't matter if you're an absolute beginner or a seasoned expert, this book will help you!

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Purchased Product:   Yes 2010-10-21
Hello and thank you Steven.
Purchased Product:   Yes 2010-02-12
Very Good Product.
Gert Prinsloo
Purchased Product:   Yes 2010-01-16
This is an amazing product. I made my first $44 sale in 2 hours after implementing what I read in your program. Thanks a million
Purchased Product:   Yes 2010-01-15
This is an amazing product. Two thumbs up if I had more thumbs they would be up too
Purchased Product:   yes 2009-11-04
This is the best ever!
Purchased Product:   Yes 2009-03-11
it's one of best money make systems out ther and it works so if no one tries it they dont want to make the big $$$ so go for it i did.
Purchased Product:   Yes 2008-11-06
Excellent Service. Our favorite features with Google Money Pro were itís ease of reading, tons of video tutorials, and awesome support from the author himself.
Purchased Product:   Yes 2008-10-08
Google wasnt ready for this. They still earn money but with this system you come out on top and thats important when you spend money for customers.
Purchased Product:   Yes 2008-09-30
You Guy's Are Great. I am in the Process of putting my very 1st Website online, and thru CB I ran across GMP and added it to my Google Page. I plan on Us Doing Alot Of Business Together Because You Have A Great Product And I am A Great Salesman. Here's To The Future. You Guy's Keep Coming Up With Great Products And I'll Keep Selling Them..."BEAU"
Purchased Product:   Yes 2008-09-05
Hi, Execelent eBook step by step straight forward. Thanks
Purchased Product:   Yes 2008-07-30
Wow, this guide really is what everyone is claiming it to be. It was well worth the price!
Phyllis Di Meglio
Purchased Product:   Yes 2008-07-19
This program is simple to read as well as step-by-step instructions on how to make money. Excellent Customer Service.
Joseph Archibald
Purchased Product:   Yes 2008-07-09
Here was I thinking there was not much to Google Adwords but how wrong was I - Google Money Pro has dispelled my original thinking big time! I have read a few info products on Google Adwords but none nearly as in-depth as this one and its a fascinating read to boot! Excellent value at $98 and I must by for anyone thinking about starting, or for those with a need to improve their campaign results.
Purchased Product:   Yes 2008-05-17
Hi, I am proud to start my first review on the Net. GMP is an excellent ebook guide giving strategic step by step info on the subject and to make money online
Purchased Product:   Yes 2008-04-22
This ebook is especially good for beginners. It gives step-by-step instructions which will give the beginniners the confidence, knowing that they are given the right path to making money online.
Purchased Product:   Yes 2008-04-20
Have you seen how much the creator of this earns per month using Google AdWords strategies? $160,000 per month! That'd do me! zowoco marketing recommends this in-depth guide to earning more than you thought possible from Google advertising.
Nagendra Nagar
Purchased Product:   Yes 2008-04-15
easy to understand,and a very simple way to earn money with the help of internet..Thanks n Regards!
Purchased Product:   Yes 2008-04-07
I am an at home mom and this has been the best money maker I could ever ask for!!! Thank you!
Purchased Product:   Yes 2008-04-04
all I can say is READ everything (more info) the easier it will get
abdul rehman
Purchased Product:   Yes 2008-03-26
Just purchase the e-book and new to internet marketing, looking forward in seeing just how Google works. Can't wait to see my first profit. God is the answer to wbeepthat prays. Thanks Steven and God Bless
Amita Kiran
Purchased Product:   Yes 2008-03-24
easy to understand,a simple way to make money online Thanks Steven for a wonderful oppurtunity.
Purchased Product:   Yes 2008-03-01
I bought this ebook last night and I'm REALLY impressed. It gave far more info that some of the others that I have, such as DJK and Google Cash. I've already cut my expenses down in half and am finally breaking even on my campaigns and that is just one nights work. Awesome job Steven!
Purchased Product:   Yes 2008-02-09
Just purchase the e-book and new to internet marketing, looking forward in seeing just how Google works. Can't wait to see my first profit. God is the answer to wbeepthat prays. Thanks Steven and God Bless.
Matunda Pero
Purchased Product:   Yes 2008-01-28
Hello Steven, Thanks for this ebook which is for me an open mind on how Google works. Before, I get it I was so confused to advertise my site as a newbie thinking that Google was complicated to work with. But you have won my heart with these simple explanations. Thanks Steven doing so towards the newbie for raising my taste of becoming wealthy online. I'm learning more with this valuable ebook. This is a gift from God as the answer to my prayer.
Purchased Product:   No 2008-01-25
GO to www.bbb.org and Mr. Stevehold Holdaway's Google money pro is rated, which means he is someone that does top shape awesome business!!
Satya Sheela
Purchased Product:   No 2008-01-19
I just joined as GMP affiliate. I put GMP on google adwords, There was no keyword which is less than 30 cents. Hence I put it for 0.40 per click, the CTR is very good. Let me keep my finger crossed.
Alex C. Fleming
Purchased Product:   Yes 2008-01-19
Congrats. I am priud to be assocuiated with G. Money PRO/Mr. Steven Holaday.
Purchased Product:   Yes 2008-01-07
After reading many AdWords how to guides I have to say that GMoneyPro is the best hands down. If you want to get the most traffic for the lowest cost, this is your guide. To be fair, this guide is about AdWords only. For affiliate tactics and strategies. I got to put a good word in for DayJobKiller.
Paul Anthony
Purchased Product:   Yes 2007-12-08
Your program helped me generate $23,212.73 in my first month by applying your methods and putting them to work!!!
Purchased Product:   Yes 2007-11-30
I have searched for the last several months for a product like this. This is amazing. I was in debt up to my eyeballs and now I am about to purchase the house of my dreams....thanks.
Purchased Product:   Yes 2007-11-26
I was surfing the web and was jobless with not much money left in my savings. i stumbled upon the best thing that can happen in a persons life. GoogleMoneyPro. it shows you how to make money online without having a website or product. I was wary about spending 90 something dollars on what can possibly be a scam but i did research online to find out that this guy knows what hes doing. I got it. I profit. i MAKE MONEY. THANKS ALOT!!!
Purchased Product:   Yes 2007-11-23
I recommend this program for online success.

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