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Four Magic Moves to Winning Golf - Complete Online Review

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"After reading only the first magic move, I didn't break my best score ever, but I tied it. What's more I knew where each shot was going, maybe not the length as I wasn't 'pure'ing it yet, but certainly the ball went in the direction intended better than before. And it was longer which will require me to re-learn my distances. I figured with only that you had earned your fee for the entire course so I came home and laid my money down. Still reading and not disappointed there either, but that fir

Four Magic Moves to Winning Golf


Andy Brown has been following the sport of golf for countless years and has worked on Tiger Wood’s team, IMG, several tours and has found ultimate success in critiquing and putting to practice the mechanics behind the swing of the golf club – the most important element of golf. Andy has helped thousands of people drop their handicap scores and is now letting millions in on the big secret. After reading The New Four Magic Moves to Winning Golf you will find out how to increase your drive’s velocity and accuracy, drop your handicap several points, and many more tips from a man who really knows golf.

Four Magic Moves to Winning Golf - Pro's

Lengthy E-book and audio book covering every aspect of golf
Free lifetime updates
Helpful pictures so you don’t just read what Andy is talking about – you see it!
60 Day Money-Back Guarantee

Four Magic Moves to Winning Golf - Con's

Website is a little confusing to navigate

Four Magic Moves to Winning Golf - Features

A large collaboration of tips, exclusively with the swing, all formatted in an E-book with pictures to help even the beginners at golf learn how to play their best rounds ever – 155 pages!
Five hours of audio – iPod ready
Dozens of techniques including bettering your grip, stance, short game, and much more
Two free E-books (Actual quality products): Fit to a Tee, and The Top Thirteen Sure-Fire Ways To Hole Every Putt.

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Price - $27.00 USD
Overall Quality

Bottom Line

If you're looking for a product that will greatly improve your golf game you want to learn from a real golf pro, and that's exactly what Andy Brown is - a true golf professional whose experience has taught him to fully understand the secret techniques behind golf that will give you better all round results!

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