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Dog Trainer Pro - Complete Online Review

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"Thanks for the great guide! This is more information than I expected, very pleased!"

Dog Trainer Pro


Dog Trainer Pro has been around for over 3 years, and the content hasn't changed much because it doesn't need to...it simply works. One thing we liked about Dog Trainer Pro is it's new approach to teaching your dog. They use only non-violent (no choke-collars, no yelling, no punishing, etc.) techniques, which supposedly allows your dog to learn faster. Dog Trainer Pro offers a lot of material on dog obedience as well as fun dog tricks and it also gives you information about common dog breeds such as grooming and exercise needs. Don't let the price fool you, this guide is great for any dog owner.

Dog Trainer Pro - Pro's

Non-violent techniques (not even choke collars)
Handy information about dog breeds
Awesome price for the content
100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

Dog Trainer Pro - Con's

Not very many pictures
No bonus material

Dog Trainer Pro - Features

Teach adult dogs as well as puppies
Full of answers to most dog obedience problems
Contains several fun tricks most dogs love doing.

Quick Overview

Price - $27.98 USD
Overall Quality

Bottom Line

Dog Trainer Pro offers you the most for your money, is easy to read, and gets right to the point without any fluff material. We we very impressed with Dog Trainer Pro.

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Purchased Product:   Yes 2009-11-09
Brilliant information.

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