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Conversation King - Complete Online Review

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"Hi, I followed your step by step conversation flowchart on my date last night, like you said, the conversation was VERY easy, I wasn't nervous at all and we're going out again tonight! She really really likes me! I've chased this girl since high school with no luck. I've tried everything from being a bad boy, to making her jealous, to buying gifts. If only I would have just talked to her and used your simple formula for conversation, I could have had her years ago! Thanks again!"

Conversation King


Every guy on the planet knows that one of girl’s favorite things to do is… TALK! So what happens when you approach a girl and you have nothing to say – about as interesting as a lump on a log? Rejection of course. Let’s face it guys, one of our high points in life is not talking – we just don’t do it; an occasional grunt or head nod is all that’s needed to establish any type of relationship. So what does Rachel Davis bring to the table that will help us out? Conversation King. Conversation King is an e-book written by a girl who knows what she’s talking about. Conversation King can kick start your relationships with the right words to say, and not say, and how to go about picking up a girl practically anywhere without the fear of rejection.

Conversation King - Pro's

A unique guide that focuses on one aspect of dating – getting the girl, a necessity at the least
Provides step-by-step guidance
Three free bonuses upon purchase of Conversation King
60 Day Money-Back Guarantee

Conversation King - Con's

I personally found a few methods that wouldn’t work for me (However there are many more that did) based on my personality

Conversation King - Features

How to talk to a woman step-by-step in any situation: Gym, Coffee Shop, Library, Bar, or pretty much any place you can think of.
How to get women to ask YOU on a date
Survival guide on those uncomfortable moments of silence
Tips to keep the girl once you have the conversation going

Quick Overview

Price - $47.00 USD
Overall Quality

Bottom Line

Everyone knows that first impressions mean everything – within the first five minutes of talking to a girl they usually know if they would like more or for you to just get away. With Conversation King you can learn how to leave a lasting impression and have girl’s asking for more. If it’s the initial ‘conversation’ that has you going home alone and you can’t seem to figure out what to say then Conversation King is right for you.

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Purchased Product:   Yes 2014-05-31
You are my inhalation, I have few blogs and sometimes run out from to brand. ekeecafddabd
Purchased Product:   Yes 2012-02-17
Hi, nice casule, i see your problem, what you get is what we call a baby look. which means you look WAY younger then you truly are and when woman see you they think their looking. At least you are stimulating some attending! That implies you must be doing something good! Just wait there will be one who will .
nana amass
Purchased Product:   Yes 2009-04-02
I have tried several times to get Conversation King by Rahel Davies but to no avail why

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