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Brian Kopp's 1-80 Alliance Leveling Guide - Complete Online Review

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" Thanks Brian!!!! I use this guide like a Bible!! I have been playing mmo's for about 8 years, and usually when I level I hate it, but this guide has made the game more interesting now that I don't have to grind every level. This guide reduces SOO much downtime, you would have to be crazy NOT to grab This Guide!!!!"

Brian Kopp's 1-80 Alliance Leveling Guide


Brian Kopp, a veteran since release, is one of the most well known and appreciated players in Warcraft – and with good reason. In Brian Kopp’s 1-80 Alliance Leveling Guide, Brian shows players the most efficient ways to level an alliance character (any race) to maximum speed and efficiency. Brian uses interactive maps and coordinates that will make this guide usable and accessible to any genre of player. The guide is chock-full of information all the way from 1-80 that will no doubt get you to level 80 in no time.

Brian Kopp's 1-80 Alliance Leveling Guide - Pro's

Updated frequently in accordance to new patches
No Monthly Fee – One time payment
100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

Brian Kopp's 1-80 Alliance Leveling Guide - Con's

Alliance specific guide
Lack of video as featured on Joana’s guide

Brian Kopp's 1-80 Alliance Leveling Guide - Features

Functional map’s with coordinates that tell player’s exactly how to accomplish the best quest for leveling
Like Joana’s guide - heavy emphasis on questing, not boring and tedious grinding
The fastest guide on the web to get your character from level 1-80 for the Alliance faction

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Price - $21.99 USD
Overall Quality

Bottom Line

Brian Kopp’s has written the best guide for alliance character’s to level from 1-80. Upon purchase of Brian’s guide I assure you that leveling will be fun, fast, and easy.

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