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Beating AdWords - Complete Online Review

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"I used specific techniques that Kyle & Carson mention in the book and got an instant sale online, which gave me more than a 800% profit. It doesn't get much more profitable than that!"

Beating AdWords


Beating AdWords is a guide written by two successful internet affiliates, Carson and Kyle. When we first started reading Beating AdWords we could immediately tell that this guide was professionally written. It is extremely easy to read and offers very clear points, chapters, tips and strategies all dealing with Google AdWords.

Beating AdWords tells any internet advertiser how to successfully advertise on Google AdWords whether they’re an absolute beginner or an intermediate internet advertiser. It uses detailed points and clear screenshots to help teach readers the strategies and advertising techniques that have made Carson and Kyle so successful.

Beating AdWords - Pro's

Very well written & easy to follow
Offers multiple advertising techniques & strategies
Uses pictures and illustrations to make important points
100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

Beating AdWords - Con's

Doesn't include any video tutorials
Not too terribly long, just 70 pages of AdWords information (nearly $1 per page)

Beating AdWords - Features

Photo's & Illustrations
Easy to understand
Completely covers AdWords

Quick Overview

Price - $67.00 USD
Overall Quality

Bottom Line

Beating AdWords is a very well written guide and would be perfect for any beginner or intermediate internet marketers. Other than a few advanced techniques and strategies, there's not much information that would greatly benefit well knowledged AdWords users so they may already know most of the examples within this guide.

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